ARKO: The Dark Union

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A Group Of Tweens Unearth The Most Significant Discovery In World History, Designed To Save The Human Species…From Itself.

Twelve-Year-Old Ariel Hyden And His Friends Accompany Their Parents, Some Of The World’s Top Scientists, On A Trip To The Yucatán Where Dr. Hyden Is Conducting Research For The Mexican Government. On The Kids’ Exploration Of Nearby Old Mayan Grounds, They Discover An Impossibly Advanced Computer-Like Structure Hidden For Millions Of Years In The Bowels Of The Earth That Is Responsible For The Past—And Future—Of The World As We Know It.

Trade Reviews:

  • "An essential addition to the young adult library."
    - Readers' Favorite

    "An engaging tale of reemerging dinosaurs and superb tween heroes."
    - Kirkus Reviews

    "This climate-fiction adventure with friends, dinosaurs, and ancient secrets will please young readers who love science."
    - BookLife by Publishers Weekly

    "Fits the bill with its blend of Indiana Jones-style action and sci-fi thriller."
    - Midwest Book Review

    "A fascinating first book in a genre-bending new series that draws upon sci-fi, religion, and philosophy and encourages readers to think big thoughts and ask big questions."
    - Children's Literature

    "Both exciting and informative, perfect for school and entertainment alike."
    - The Children's Book Review

    "I give ARKO a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. This book is delightful, subtly educative, brilliantly written, and an absolute gem."
    - Online Book Club